WARNINGS: This medication must be given slowly into

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The county cannot provide more than it can afford; simply put, we cannot give what we don have. The challenges we are facing due to the pandemic will test the county financial resiliency. As we move into the second half of 2020 and toward a new County Council term, it is more important than ever that our elected officials understand finances..

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“This is not just a memory disease. It is a disease that kills you,” McConnell tells WebMD. “What should really scare us is that you see a decline in cancer and heart disease deaths but a rapid increase in Alzheimer’s disease. There are many tour companies offering such trips known as Uyuni Salt Flats tours and Reserva Eduardo Avaroa. One of such companies is Banjo Tours, based in La Paz, Bolivia. Banjo offers multi day trips on private 4WD vehicles that cover this extensive region.

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